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World-class leadership development for world-class companies

Moving Performance inspires change in organisations through the power of music. Our clients and we desire the same thing: to do something new, different and inspiring in the world of leadership and team development. Something that will provide lasting change, an experience which leaves a wow factor like no other, and learning that will not be forgotten.

We pioneer a new approach to people engagement and development using music as a metaphor and experiential learning tool. Our success lies in our expert knowledge of both the commercial and musical worlds and our ability to bring the two together in relevant, inspiring interventions.

Through conferences, our world-class leadership programme, Know the Score®, delivered in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and our incredible experiential learning programme Compose to Lead®, Moving Performance has built a reputation as a global innovator. Our clients range across industries, including the leading consultancy, accountancy and law firms (and their clients), investment and retail banks, and global insurance, engineering, pharmaceutical and tech companies, charities and other non-profit organisations. Moving Performance delivers transformational programmes at all levels in organisations, from executive boards of the largest companies in Europe to all-staff conferences in the public sector. Our client work takes us across the UK, Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Our Story

Johannesburg, South Africa, February 2004

The lights dim and all goes quiet. In the middle of the stage, a group of bankers huddle in a tight scrum. A beautiful gospel voice breaks out over the audience, humming the tune to Amazing Grace.

You can hear a pin drop.

More voices join in, bringing harmonies and rhythm. The lights come up to reveal the bankers, now a 25-strong, newly-assembled gospel choir with arms outstretched. In full voice they sing out about the depth of change they desire for their customers — Amazing Change. This was the lightbulb moment for Moving Performance’s founder, Ben Hines.

Split into teams and given the task of creating a performance based on the theme of turning around the customer experience, he used his training as a musician and encouraged his colleagues to express this key business learning in song.

The effect of using music was immediate and evident. Colleagues who had traveled from all over Africa for the conference were held spellbound, some were moved to tears. It was clear that music can have a real impact and make a difference in organisations.

Moving Performance was born.

Our Team
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"Ben has an amazing ability to bond teams around a cause through music."

René Carayol
MBE, Chief Executive, Inspired Leaders Network

"You sometimes meet people who have passion coming out of every pore, but not often....a talented musician, a far sighted faciltator with a clear vision of how to help other people makes Ben someone you should speak to."

John White
Associate Course Director

 "Ben and his team are AMAZING!  Their ability to quickly understand, simplify and orchestrate a 500 person team toward a common cultural mission was beyond my expectations!"

Guillermo Diaz

Frequently Asked Questions

Why music?

Music universally has the ability to capture people's hearts and minds, souls, and bodies. It is the most emotional art form, and everyone responds to it. In our many years of working with leaders and teams from organisations from all over the globe, we never fail to see people being moved by the power of music in our workshops, and more importantly, being moved and inspired to change in the context of their work and organisation. Music simply captures their imagination and their heart, often as a surprise to them, and accordingly.

Do I have to be musical to participate?

Absolutely not! In fact, being musical in some of our programmes can get in the way! We have no expectation or requirement for any knowledge or musical experience at all. That said, we also believe that everyone is touched by music, be that from their favourite playlist, film screen, football anthem or opera.

Are their paticular organisations or industries that this is best suited for?

We are industry agnostic! The reality is that most leadership and team challenges are very similar from one industry to another - they are all trying to work out how to lead more effectively, work together more strongly, ensure the people they lead. Of course, the context can change from one industry to another, but again, we have seen most things with the organisations we work with.

How do you deliver with COVID-19 Restrictions?

We are able to deliver in person and virtually through these unprecedented times. In-person programmes follow strict guidelines with appropriate social distancing to protect participants and our colleagues. All our propositions can be delivered virtually using a range of online tools and video.

I am intrigued by your proposition, though I am concerned that my people won’t get it. Have you ever come across a group where this has not worked?

We appreciate that bringing something musical into a learning environment, or a company conference, may feel risky, and that it may be the first time you have ever done something like this. We have faced this many times over the years.

Our approach is quite simple - people are people! And people love to learn, they enjoy something new and different, and they yearn to be inspired and lead. We also know that people love music and that in the business world, they don’t suffer fools. Our interventions have always hit the mark - and usually, the sponsoring executive has had their expectations surpassed. We will work with you closely to understand your concerns and put these to rest by carefully explain how we do things step-by-step, if that is what you need.

Your Know the Score® programme sounds expensive.

Our pricing offers top-value compared to other leadership programmes and other top-rated corporate events. We are also able to scale down our offering to suit most budgets. Our recent virtual offerings offer more options at a lower cost. Schedule a call with us so we can customise a programme to fit your needs.

This whole idea is ingenious - how did you get into it?

Well, this is our story.

However we do find that many of our participants would appreciate a longer discussion on our journey, and how we have brought out passions for music, leadership, and business into creating what we feel is a perfect role for us. Over the years our Founder Ben Hines has formulated some thoughts on how to find the work you love. If you would like a conversation with Ben on this, please feel free to reach out.