Amplify Your Story
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Voicing & internalising your key messages through the power of song

Invite your people into a unique way of team development
that allows them to take ownership of your key messages for themselves.

Connect to your goals

In an inspiring way that your team will never forget.

Most conferences, team away-days, or virtual events are heavy on business content, and you want your participants to leave inspired. Usually this means booking a speaker that is “inspiring,” but isn’t directly relevant to your company or challenges. Participants are left to connect the dots on how it applies to them.

Amplify Your Story helps your team bring to the surface inspiration that is already within your company through the power of song. We work with your team to lower their defenses and create a shared vision that connects to the significance of every individual on your team. Participants are inspired and energised with the belief that they can make a difference within their job and company.

Each Amplify Your Story programme is customised to fit your specific goals and key company messages. Find out about the lasting results it had on some of our clients.


  • A shared vision
  • Long-lasting camaraderie
  • Deeper company commitment
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Amplify Your Story

"Ben and his team are AMAZING!  Their ability to quickly understand, simplify and orchestrate a 500 person team toward a common cultural mission was beyond my expectations!"

Guillermo Diaz

"Moving Performance ran a songwriting session at our annual strategy meeting. Everyone loved it. Of all the various bonding exercises that we have tried over the years, this was the most effective.”

James Few
Group Managing Director, Reinsurance, MS Amlin

"The team quickly lost their inhibitions, got in touch with their emotions and produced a performance; a performance that came straight back to the workplace.”

Nick Crossland
Head of Contact Centres, Northern Rock