Know the Score®

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Embed your team within a world-class orchestra

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Many programmes talk about high-performance,
but very few actually put you inside a world-class performing team.

We all know the theory...

So why is it that your highly talented team of individuals is not performing as well as they could?

One of the problems is that in your team there are probably as many visions of what makes up a high performing team as there are people in it. Unifying around a shared understanding of world-class high performance is key. It is hard to develop a real vision of what that looks like in practice when there are so few examples to learn from.

Know the Score® is a program that puts you right in the midst of a team that is at the top of their field. You then experience how normal individuals with a variety of talents, motivations, and goals create something bigger than any one person. Read about the impact it had on some of our clients.


  • Shared experience
  • Shared language
  • Shared vision
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"The session is wonderful.  It helps open everyone's hearts as well as providing rich and powerful metaphors for attunement, listening, team performance, risk taking and unleashing excellence.”

Amy Elizabeth Fox
CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

"The concept of connecting world class musical performance to high performing business is as thought provoking as it is obvious. Presenting this concept to our top 70 leaders at Grange Insurance was masterfully accomplished by Ben with a level of facilitation that truly resonated with our leadership team."

Gary Irvine
AVP Talent Management, Grange Insurance, OHIO

“The most impactful learning experience in my career.”

Lloyds Insurance