Compose to Lead®
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Learn to co-create with a high-performing team that has more expertise than you

Compose to Lead

When the high-performing team you are leading
doesn’t recognise you as an expert in their field, how do you lead them?

Lead through ambiguity

Develop the skills through tangible practice leading a high-performing team with more expertise than you in a given area

Compose to Lead® is a hands-on leadership development programme that will challenge you to co-create with a team of professional orchestral musicians. The result is a dynamic learning experience with applicable feedback that will continue to shape your strategies and execution as you head back to lead your team.

We have delivered this programme to thousands of leaders globally with outstanding results. Hear from some of them on how it has shaped them.


  • Confidence
    through ambiguity
  • Creative problem-
    solving & story-lining
  • New ways to
    deliver impact
Asset 4

“Creates a unique memory to trigger an explicit team discussion about how to maximize client experience.”


“This has been the best learning experience I have had.”