Know the Score® VIRTUAL

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A unique virtual learning experience

Learn the secrets of high performing teams and the role of leadership in them.

How do you deliver leadership development with
REAL impact in a virtual setting?

Needing to inspire your remote learners?

We can help you deliver an extraordinary online learning experience moving your people from head knowledge to heart understanding of what makes up a high performing team culture.

We know that engaging learners in a remote setting can be challenging. After all their "learning experience" looks like their day to day work - yet another video call.

That's why we have taken Know the Score® virtual. We have filmed the best brass players in London, interviewing and exploring with them how they achieve exceptional performance and the role of leadership in the process. We use this exclusive footage to engage your leaders in a new, refreshing and inspiring context, to shine light on how they can move the bar in their team and leadership performance.

Know the Score® Virtual is accessed across the world by 100's of leaders every month to fine tune their own and their teams' performance.

The insights and learning goes from an intellectual understanding to a heart connection, that inspires them to change.


  • Team culture
  • Leadership style
  • Self awareness
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"The session is wonderful.  It helps open everyone's hearts as well as providing rich and powerful metaphors for attunement, listening, team performance, risk taking and unleashing excellence.”

Amy Elizabeth Fox
CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

"The concept of connecting world class musical performance to high performing business is as thought provoking as it is obvious. Presenting this concept to our top 70 leaders at Grange Insurance was masterfully accomplished by Ben with a level of facilitation that truly resonated with our leadership team."

Gary Irvine
AVP Talent Management, Grange Insurance, OHIO

“The most impactful learning experience in my career.”

Lloyds Insurance