Performing Under Pressure

Stress can bring out the best – or the worst – in you.

Remember the last time you felt like that, on the morning of a job interview, a peer review, or the night before you pitched for a new project? Jonas Kaufmann, a hugely acclaimed tenor and one of the most versatile performers of his generation, once experienced stage fright so crippling it almost ended his career. But that was 20 years ago. Now he’s one of Opera’s most sought-after stars.

“It’s not a natural thing to do, going out and dealing with such high levels of stress in public,” says Aaron Williamon, professor of performance science at the Royal College of Music. “And it’s nothing to do with age or inexperience. No matter how highly skilled a person is, the body’s preprogrammed stress responses mean they can enter a different physical state and sometimes even a different psychological state.” David Cox, The Guardian

Expected to Lead

The spotlight is on you to empower a large group of exceptionally talented, emotional individuals. You have to lead them in working together as a single, multi-disciplinary, high performing team. Right here. Right now.

How would you do it?

For an orchestral conductor this is a daily task. We’ll show you and your leaders how conductors lead musicians to play at their very highest capability under pressure. By taking musical leadership as a model for business leadership, and creating role-play scenarios where you are expected to lead and inspire a high performing team, we’ll explore with you how to you can get the highest standards of performance from your teams, and exceed the expectations of your clients.

Our tailored leadership development programmes use music as an experiential learning space where you can explore and develop your leadership style and behaviours.

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