Obama speaks on the power of music

I came across this video of Obama introducing a night of music from the Civil Rights movement at the White House. He speaks about the music (freedom songs) providing a “soundtrack to the movement” which “gave strength” and that the movement was “sustained by music”.  Interestingly, Dr King when looking to mobilise communities, focused on those who were disciplined enough to sing freedom songs.

It is easy to sing when you’re happy, when times are good. Just listen to the football crowd when their team is doing well. But it is hard to sing when times are tough, when people are threatened. But it is at these times when the power of song is at its most potent. It feeds our spirits and provides hope.

Where are the songs today? In the mist of economic turmoil and uncertainty, do you hear the music, do you hear the cry of the people?  Where are the freedom songs?

Perhaps we need to find our voices again?

Obama speaking on how music inspired the Civil Rights Movement