The Power Of Music — Music is More Powerful Than Pain

Music can move you so significantly that it causes you to forget where you are in that moment and engages your emotions in an entirely different way.

Recent medical research shows that patients who listened to music before, during and after surgery experienced less anxiety and needed less pain relief. Significantly lead author Dr Catherine Meads was surprised to find that music had worked in this way even under general anaesthetic.

Using Music to Manage Your Emotions

Whilst music may soothe and distract in times of pain and stress, it can also help to open up emotions in a non-threatening and accessible way. Moving Performance uses music to demonstrate how emotional intelligence can help to move your organisation forward.

Compose a piece of music? But we work in IT! We ‘faced the music’ with Moving Performance to discover new team dynamics that previously had evaded us in the 9 to 5 workplace. Team building has never been so engaging drawing out raw passion and emotion amongst the group that would otherwise have lay dormant. A unique experience! Encore!”

Jamie Allsop, Head of Account Delivery, ACCENTURE

Our conferences facilitate one-of-a-kind business gatherings, with small groups and whole organisations. Taking your objectives as the starting point, we lead your people into a musical performance linked to your commercial drivers. Many successful organisations have realised that without emotional intelligence their business is at a disadvantage . However strengthening the emotional quotient in your people will help them to lead co-operative and collaborative teams.

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