Do you enjoy your work?

Do you allow yourself to enjoy your work? Many people I see get bogged down in the daily grind, barely keeping their heads above water. They seem far from happy. Perhaps the last thing on their minds is to take the time to appreciate what is going on around them; noting the valuable contribution they and others are making and trying to enjoy the overall experience.

It may take a leap of faith to do this, or permission from your boss, but when this approach is adopted in the music world the performance improves.

I was rehearsing Bruckner’s 4th Symphony recently. In the slow movement, the strings play challenging chords and chromatic melodies. It is difficult to tune the notes and harmonies accurately whilst maintaining the rich tone required. Noting the strings were getting too stuck in the detail, the conductor gave them permission to take more time and enjoy the music they were making. As they lifted themselves from the complexities of the notes, everything started to come into perspective. They relaxed and the music came alive.

Have you ever heard your leader in the business world ask this?  To take the time and appreciate what else is going on around you. I haven’t heard it too often.

Life has to be better if we try and enjoy the process of what we do – to recognise the bigger picture around us and enjoy the ride.  By balancing what we do with those around us, greater efficiencies occur, the process is more enjoyable, the work more collaborative.  The Bruckner certainly sounded a lot better for it.