The Unsung Players

Every orchestra has a conductor. A chamber orchestra might have around 50 musicians. In a full-size symphony orchestra, like the Royal Philharmonic, there’s around 80 which can grow to over hundred for certain pieces of music.

But beyond the players we see on-stage, there will be hundreds more working behind-the-scenes, making sure every concert runs completely smoothly.

unseen player
We spotted this advert at the Royal Opera House this week, and it made us at Moving Performance think again about how critical the unseen people are, not just in a concert performance, but in business too.
Who are the unseen stars of your organisation? The people working quietly to smooth the way for those who are client-facing, who diligently grease the wheels to keep your business on track, without making a fuss. What would happen to your business without them?
Whether you’re the conductor of your business, the first violin, or the person managing the changes on stage from the wings, everyone has a role to play in delivering excellent performance.