Moving Performance scores applause in the Telegraph

Our flagship leadership programme Know the Score® received a stellar review in today’s Daily Telegraph. The newspaper’s opera critic and classical music reporter Rupert Christiansen joined 30 leaders from different sectors and industries for Know the Score® at the Royal Albert Hall last week. As part of a day-long seminar the participants sat amongst the musicians of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to experience how they function together as a team and the role of leadership required to produce world-class performance.

‘The most fascinating moment for me’, Christiansen wrote ‘was when each section of the orchestra was asked to ignore the dynamic markings in the score and play one of Elgar’s Enigma Variations fortissimo [very loud], as though it alone was the only thing that mattered: in the cacophony, the music became unrecognisable and an obvious message could be drawn.’

As Christiansen noted, ‘There can’t be a musical organisation anywhere in the world that toils harder than the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.’ The diversity of skill, talent, work, and the complexity of classical music makes the orchestra a rich source material from which to draw multiple metaphors. Moving Performance has been working together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for two years, introducing business leaders to the orchestra as an analogy for teamwork and leadership.

It’s an inspirational day, as the 30 participants, representing City firms, start-ups, management consultancies, and charities, discovered. After hearing members of the RPO speak with candour about their work, participants were both clearly moved and inspired by their insights.

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