Managing Change – The Closure of Fairfield Halls

We facilitate change. Our mission – our passion – is to “inspire change through the power of music” and almost every week we see that principle at work. Using our commercial experience and musical expertise, we help individuals, teams, and organisations grow and develop.

Organisational change is believed to be one of the greatest challenges facing managers in the UK today. However our creative solutions help businesses develop a greater understanding of how they can work together more successfully in a changing environment. Time and again we’ve seen people embrace change, quickly and more effectively, leading to increased engagement and greater productivity.

But – no-one likes change.

And when we heard that one of our favourite Concert Hall venues was closing, even we found that a little challenging.

Fairfield Halls

Fairfield Halls will be closing on 15th July 2016, so that Croydon Council can start a £30m refurbishment programme, with the re-opening of a dedicated arts space in 2018.

In case you are unfamiliar with Fairfield Halls, it’s more than just an arts, entertainment and conference centre. It opened in 1962, 10 years after the Royal Festival Hall, and it’s been said that any mistakes made there were more than made up for here.

The Concert Hall can seat almost 1800 people and its acoustic quality is internationally recognised, especially for classical music. Even the holes in the seat bottoms are designed to give the same acoustic reflection whether occupied or not. As a result it has often been used for BBC television, radio and live orchestral recordings.

Over the past four years, Know the Score, our world-class leadership programme has frequently taken place here too, developed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s been the perfect venue to spend a day with leading companies from across the UK – from top professional services firms including pharmaceutical, insurance, banking and technology companies to not-for-profit organisations – all exploring how the RPO’s expertise can provide a powerful metaphor for business.

An Opportunity for Greater Success

Whilst the closure and re-furbishment might be controversial for Croydon, change is always challenging. However our work at Fairfield Halls, as well as elsewhere, has shown us that with the right approach, change can also be an opportunity for greater success.

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