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How Singing Can Be Good For Your Business

Our work often involves a sense of awkwardness about singing in public. We may feel comfortable about that in our local community choir or at a football match, but in a work context, that can feel strange and embarrassing. However we’re also aware of how moving and powerful voices joined together can be. BBC Radio… Read the full article…

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Servant Leadership – Part 2

In the first part of this series we looked at the challenges facing many leadership styles. Servant leadership offers an alternative but seems counter-intuitive to the demands of a high-performing team. In this part we consider how the role of a conductor models the characteristics of a servant leader. A Confident, Engaged and Empowering Leader… Read the full article…

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Mental and Emotional Health in the Workplace

Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues in the workplace today, causing over 70 million working days to be lost each year, costing Britain £70-100bn – Mental Health Foundation. Many of us believe difficult issues in our lives should stay out of the workplace. Our businesses are more concerned with productivity and targets…. Read the full article…

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Servant Leadership – Part 1

Servant leadership sounds like an oxymoron. Our perception of leadership is too often that of the forceful business leader. Someone who is charging forward, usually creating a lot of noise, drawing a lot of attention, and holding a lot of power in their hands. Ambition and success appear to go hand in hand with a… Read the full article…

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The Power of High-Performance Teams

High-Performance Teams Last month we took part in the DP World ‘Expanding Horizons’ Conference in Dubai. We led a keynote session on high-performance teams, alongside inspiring speakers Jim Lawless and René Carayol. With a collective of some of the finest brass players in the UK –  Superbrass – we ran our world-class leadership programme KnowTheScore®, powerfully demonstrating harmony… Read the full article…

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Interview: How Music Inspires Change

Ben recently gave an interview with Executive Speakers Bureau who we work with in the United States. ESB wanted to find out more about what we do and why, and how it can have such a profound impact on the companies and individuals we work with. Here are some of the highlights: What is your unique philosophy… Read the full article…

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Communication – Leadership Skill

Railway station tannoy speakers

In an increasingly global workplace, communication is key. It’s not just the importance of getting your message out. But cutting through the noise and ensuring that your audience hears what you meant to say. It’s more vital than ever that you are seen to be heard, whether that’s by your customers or employees. We recently… Read the full article…

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The Close of The Year – A Time to Hit Pause

Piano with blurred Christmas tree

Music is everywhere at this time of year. From choral music to radio jingles and Victorian carols to 80’s favourites. But whether it’s Carols at King’s College, Cambridge, or A Fairytale of New York by The Pogues, music has the power to move us, bring back memories and create a joyful atmosphere. Whatever you’re listening… Read the full article…

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Leadership Skills – Practice

Learning to be a Better Leader ‘Practice makes perfect’ – except most of us aren’t aiming for perfection. We’d just like to be better, or perhaps faster, or maybe just find what we do a little easier. The 10,000 hours theory was created by Malcolm Gladwell after his research into what made some individuals experts… Read the full article…

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The Challenges of a VUCA World – Ambiguity

VUCA is a practical code for awareness and readiness defining a set of conditions in which decisions are made. Ambiguity describes the haziness of reality, the potential for miscommunication, and the mixed meanings of conditions. Ambiguity is the Enemy of Ambition If ambition is the “strong desire to achieve something”, ambiguity is the nagging doubt that prevents… Read the full article…

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