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Why Leadership Matters – Are Conferences Worth It?

One of the challenges of leadership is continual learning and finding environments in which to do that. Time is precious and getting away from the office can be difficult but are there learning opportunities out there beyond the usual conference experience?

Are Conferences Worth It?

Conferences can be a great vehicle for networking, hearing new ideas and concentrated learning but more often than not even something that interests you is presented in a tired and familiar way.

We don’t all have the resources of an Apple Special Event or the training of a TEDTalk. At best we listen to a motivational speaker who’s fascinating but forgettable. At worst we find ourselves dozing off, as our inboxes fill up and we wonder whether we’d be better off back at our desks. Worse still perhaps, is a cringe-inducing pep-talk reminiscent of that episode in The Office.

The actual cost in terms of time and money can be significant too. Companies are faced with the challenges of seeking to corporately engage and communicate with staff whilst assessing the cost-benefit of that in the long-run. So they are increasingly looking for innovative ways of using their traditional conference time to focus on what really matters as well as how to impact their employees in inspiring ways.

Three Reasons Conferences Work

New solutions to old problems

Most of us learn as we go. We have ongoing professional development, training workshops to attend and some of us read the latest leadership book or listen to podcasts.

In 1976, John Reed, then the head of the new Consumer Services Group at CitiGroup, went on vacation. He thought he was getting away to rest and recharge, but what happened on this trip to the beach would forever transform the banking industry. Stop Working And Let Your Ideas Incubate

Training can strengthen our technical skills but getting away from the office can be crucial to looking at things from a different perspective and discovering new solutions to old problems. Music may, at first glance, appear far-removed from the challenges of a demanding workplace but that is to its advantage. We use music as a metaphor for business and have found that it connects with people in a surprising way that engages individuals, empowers organisations and inspires change.


Gathering your team together is an significant opportunity to communicate with your employees and conferences may be the best opportunity for that.

There is now a proven link between highly effective organisations and good internal communication. There is also an increasingly well-understood link between communication, engagement and organisational success. Institute of Internal Communications

Communication is the heart of good business and the success of your business depends on effective communication. We find that in the complexity and nuance of music, there’s a lot of crossover with business. In fact, we can help you take the communication skills of a successful string quartet or a sell-out rock band and transfer them to your teams.


If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” Collaboration is challenging but worth it. Gathering together as a team can remind everyone why you do what you do together and networking across departments can forge useful connections for another day.

Most experts agree that collaboration in business consistently provides greater accomplishment. When it works, the combined brainpower of intelligent people can solve complex problems and achieve amazing results. Still many people hesitate before engaging others in their process. How Smart People Collaborate for Success

We’ll help your teams achieve the impossible together. We offer bespoke musical experiences that will stretch your teams and help them learn the vital skills of working effectively together.

So What Does Make A Conference Worth Attending?

  • A different approach.
  • An event that engages you and your staff in a new way.
  • An activity that facilitates learning.
  • Something unexpected.
  • An experience that inspires change.

At Moving Performance, that’s what we bring.

We offer a bespoke service for your company or organization that is centered around music as a metaphor for business.

Three inspiring solutions

Conferences and Away Days

No day is the same as another. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business so we deliver a powerful musical experience that will engage your people and give you tangible results.

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Know the Score®

Spend the day with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, exploring how their expertise and world-class levels of performance can help you to fine-tune your business.

Our team of international business leaders, musicians and coaches will work with you and your leaders to apply this powerful metaphor into to your organisation.

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Leadership Programme

Using the emotive power of music, we design and deliver innovative courses where we weave musical process and metaphor into proven management theory. Where many leadership development and training offerings can be dry and lifeless, at Moving Performance we offer highly differentiated and engaging programmes that are “emotionally anchored” in the delegates’ hearts and minds.

We work with small groups of between 10 and 20, tailoring a creative programme of experiential learning around your commercial needs and drivers. As a result our clients have repeatedly told us that our fresh approach has greater impact, and offers longer lasting value, than the majority of other training available.

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We’ve been running a series on our Blog called Why Leadership Matters. We’ve looked at Leadership Style, Successful Teams, What Makes You an Excellent Leader and Failure. All these posts have been about how to lead well in the organisation you’re in.

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