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News – Ben Hines Joins Rostrum of Inspiring Speakers

We are delighted that Ben Hines, Founder of Moving Performance, is joining the rostrum of inspiring speakers at the Executive Speakers Bureau for 2016! At Moving Performance, we use music as a metaphor for business and as a tool to help individuals, teams, and organisations grow and develop. Working with some of the world’s leading… Read the full article…

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How To Inspire Employee Engagement

Maintaining employee engagement is vital for ongoing growth and success; happy staff lead to happy customers. In fact, measuring productivity can be a key indicator of employee engagement, according to Advance Systems. When your business is thriving, it’s probably because your staff are too. However engaging your staff in the midst of change can be an… Read the full article…

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The Power of Music — Using Music as a Metaphor for Leadership

Know The Score RPO

On Wednesday 25th November 2015 Moving Performance presents Know the Score® – a day in London with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, exploring how their expertise and world-class levels of performance can help you to fine-tune your business – featuring Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. “I recently attended Know the Score®, using music as a metaphor for leadership… Read the full article…

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Innovation: How to Make Smart Choices in the Small Things

Small steps can lead to significant innovation, to success that far outweighs the size of the changes. Businesses that encourage a culture of innovation across their teams are the ones that run ahead and set the pace for those around them. But how do you make smart choices in the small things so they add… Read the full article…

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Our Keynote At Cisco: Orchestrating High Performance

Cisco Keynote

Closing Cisco’s global IT conference in California last month was a huge privilege for me and a unique experience for 550 senior leaders from around the globe. Gathered together with their inspiring new Chief Information Officer, Guillermo Diaz, known to all as G, the audience spontaneously gave him a standing ovation as he took the… Read the full article…

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Managing Change

Managing Change - Road

Sometimes change is vital and long overdue. When Viola Davis made her speech during the Emmy’s on Sunday night she was marking a moment of change and calling for more to follow. Change is not easy. Personally or corporately. It comes with struggle, often with loss, and many times with misunderstanding. However change can be… Read the full article…

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Performing Under Pressure

Man in front of office block

Stress can bring out the best – or the worst – in you. Remember the last time you felt like that, on the morning of a job interview, a peer review, or the night before you pitched for a new project? Jonas Kaufmann, a hugely acclaimed tenor and one of the most versatile performers of… Read the full article…

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The Power Of Music — Music is More Powerful Than Pain

Listening to music on headphones

Music can move you so significantly that it causes you to forget where you are in that moment and engages your emotions in an entirely different way. Recent medical research shows that patients who listened to music before, during and after surgery experienced less anxiety and needed less pain relief. Significantly lead author Dr Catherine… Read the full article…

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Taylor Swift, free-economics, and what business can learn about sharing

Taylor Swift open letter to Apple over music streaming services

Apple Music’s new streaming service, launching next week announced that they would, after all, start paying royalties to artists whose songs are streamed during the free trial period. Largely thanks to Taylor Swift. Swift is well known for tackling the streaming services on their fiscal attitude to the value of musicians’ work, and after penning an open… Read the full article…

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The cellist of Baghdad: moving business beyond words

“Music opens up emotions in a non-threatening and accessible way.” This is one of core beliefs, stated here on this website where we talk about the importance of emotional awareness in business. Music allows us to connect with and resolve something deeper, when words and even logic fail us. For many of our clients, change is… Read the full article…

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