Inspiring Change Through The Power Of Music

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The music of an organisation

All the best teams have a rhythm; a flow that is in all of them which makes whatever they do really good. Sports people call this “the zone”. You know when you hit the zone – everything falls into place – the technical aspects of what you do seem easier, the goal is achievable, working with the other people is joy, you feel happy and like you can conquer the world!

In the music world this flow is paramount to success. And the challenge is to get there everytime. I have experienced this in some orchestras and ensembles I have played in over the years. It is as if everyone becomes one symbiotic organism. Each person transcends the pages of music and is lifted into an altogether higher level of performance.

What does flow look like in your world, with your team. Have you ever experienced this? How could you get there?

What is the rhythm of your organisation. What does it found, feel like? I asked this question a while back, ¬†of Neil Gaynor the CEO of Pace, the world’s largest manufacturer of digital set-top TV technology. The pace of Pace has been phenomenal. His response was the rhythm was techno.

What new opportunities open up for you, when you consider the rhythm of your organisation?

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