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Who will you be in 2011?

My 7 yr old son has started a new school this term. And naturally he was a little apprehensive before term started – not knowing anyone, not sure where he would fit in, getting used to the new routines etc.

A few days after he started we chatted to a 12 year old family friend about this, and she shared something profound.

She encouraged my son by saying that starting something new allows you to be who you are and who you want to be; it allows you to stop being what you are not.

I was firstly quite astounded that a 12 year old came out with such an insight. But secondly thought this is spot on.

So at the start of this year, you may not be changing schools, but you are changing a year. 2010 is in the past.  So what are you going to stop doing in 2011 which is not who you really are? And how will you be who you really are in 2011?

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