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3 Characteristics of Star Performers

Have you ever considered that your star performers in your business (e.g. your top sales people, your rain-makers, traders, top-talent, etc) are a bit like the concerto soloist in an orchestra? I had the privilege of accompanying the exceptional violinist, Giovanni Guzzo, in a performance of Sibelius’s Violin Concerto at St John’s, Smith Square, London recently…. Read the full article…

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Staying true to your values

At last night’s Brit Awards, the British band Mumford and Sons pick up the big prize of the night: Mastercard’s Album of the Year for their debut album Sigh No More. The show was staged at London’s O2 Arena, with about 25,000 people watching live and 4 million on TV. It started by an extravagant… Read the full article…

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Who will you be in 2011?

My 7 yr old son has started a new school this term. And naturally he was a little apprehensive before term started – not knowing anyone, not sure where he would fit in, getting used to the new routines etc. A few days after he started we chatted to a 12 year old family friend… Read the full article…

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